An Invitation to Cooperation

Connecting Innovative Research Networks.


The University Mozarteum Salzburg has established itself as a world-class institute of higher learning in music and the dramatic arts. In cooperation with the University Mozarteum the Research Studio Austria Forschungsgesellschaft (RSA FG) works as an applied research organisation of agile, lean and flexible research units (studios) in digital intelligence.

With the workshop conference on “Interactive Music Technologies” researchers at both institutions cooperate to connect their work with European researchers and their networks which focus on the use of advanced digital research and technology and the uses of music in its multiple forms.

We invite leading researchers and labs in informatics, computer science, multimedia, data science and music to present their current work and activities in a one-day workshop conference to interested scholars from University Mozarteum Salzburg and other RSA FG partner universities in Austria. Additionally, the workshop conference is designed to present relevant state-of-the-art research in digital intelligence and aware systems from RSA FG.

Our objective is to build up a network of research and to develop collaborations including joint research and funding applications in the EU and the cooperation schemes with institutions outside.

The process of the workshop conference will allow the exchange of current work and near future agendas in order to form research consortia in the upcoming HORIZON EUROPE, other international as well national calls and similar grant support programs including those for SMEs and start-ups.

Presentations of current R&D projects, analyses of issues and application scenarios set the table for the discussions in which we intend

  • to specify/translate visionary concepts, sketches of research agendas, roadmaps
  • into proposal submissions, identification of potential consortia, with
  • expected impact analysis, scalability issues, etc.

The workshop conference will also invite domain relevant start-ups with the objective of including them in research activities and partnering in the technology and innovation transfer. Participants will interact with academic and industry professionals.

The workshop conference will also cover the range of innovative methods of creating music and products for entertainment, distance teaching, and commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Prof. Dr. Peter A. Bruck
CEO and Chief Researcher, RSA FG






Art and digital technologies share a universal claim: No subject matter that could not be of interest, no dimension that cannot be penetrated and developed.

Ideally, both of them focus on people, on opening up and extrapolating human reality beyond its limitations.

But they undertake this with different objectives: Art extends that which can be experienced aesthetically, which enables knowledge, empathy, transcendence. Art addresses the unique, the individual person in her or his very personal life world.

Digital technology extends that which can be done, which enables action, analysis, decoding. Digital technology addresses the (re-)production, the largest number of possible users and the platforms for their interactions.

However, already for some time art and digital technology are blending into each other. They intertwine, as it were, and bring forth a third: the field of modern innovation which bridges these widely spaced universes and which harbours in itself the potential for a shift in paradigms.

The University of Art Mozarteum Salzburg views this field a special challenge for research and for concrete application. We wish to do this in close cooperation with competent partners in the field of digital technology.

Prof. Elisabeth Gutjahr
Rector, University Mozarteum Salzburg



Salzburg is developing remarkably in the area of science and research.

This includes, in particular, interdisciplinary cooperation, as this kick-off conference of the RSA FG and the University Mozarteum Salzburg proves.

For technology and digitization are part of and tools for art and culture on many levels.

Outstanding speakers make this conference a must for researchers and labs in this area, for example to learn about innovative methods of creatively dealing with music.


Mag.a (FH) Andrea Klambauer
Regional Minister of Salzburg for Science