International Research Network on Digital Intelligence and Aware Systems for Music & the Arts

Connecting Innovative Research Networks 2020-2021


Connecting Innovative Research Networks.


The University Mozarteum Salzburg has established itself as a world-class institute of higher learning in music and the dramatic arts. In cooperation with the University Mozarteum the Research Studio Austria Forschungsgesellschaft (RSA FG) works as an applied research organisation of agile, lean and flexible research units (studios) in digital intelligence.

With the workshop conference on “Interactive Music Technologies” researchers at both institutions cooperate to connect their work with European researchers and their networks which focus on the use of advanced digital research and technology and the uses of music in its multiple forms.


At University Mozarteum Salzburg, Mozart is our inspiration, music our tradition, art our passion. In the heart of Salzburg exceptional talents mature into artistic personalities – on the pulse of time, for the world’s stages. The cultural heritage of Europe forms the foundation on which we, an international community, promote a liberal and tolerant dialogue, critically reflecting on the society we live in today.

The University Mozarteum Salzburg offers more than 40 artistic and educational disciplines in the fields of music, performing and fine arts. Around 1,700 young artists from all over the world receive comprehensive training in numerous instrumental subjects, in composition, conducting, singing, music theater, acting, directing, stage design, music and dance education, art and art education as well as in music education and musicology.

Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft

Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft offers customers and partners applied research and development in digital intelligence. RSA FG manages the transfer of knowledge and technology from universities to markets and is organized in six research studios with research locations in Salzburg, Vienna and Linz.

Since 2003, RSA FG has acted as an agile, non-university research institution, bringing applied research from universities into markets and society. RSA FG is governed by EU law and regulations regarding technology research organisations. RSA FG aims to increase the added value of innovations through professional project management, iterative prototyping and continuous improvement of user and customer benefits. Its focus is on all areas of digital intelligence and ICT.